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I'm looking for some very simple image viewer with the following functionality:

  • fast start
  • next/previous navigation (in directory)
  • full-screen mode
  • reasonable format support
  • keyboard controllable
  • image re-size to fit screen (with maintaining aspect ratio)
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Two lightweight image viewers that offer this sort of simple functionality and still have configurable or scriptable interfaces are feh and sxiv.

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feh looks great – Let_Me_Be Jun 28 '11 at 20:04

Another alternative is qiv.

From the home page:

Quick Image Viewer for Linux, Solaris(SunOS), FreeBSD and HP-UX ... is a very small and pretty fast gdk/Imlib image viewer.

Requires: gdk-2.0 and Imlib2. Policy: GNU GPL Features:

  • moving & zooming image in fullscreen mode.
  • setting image as x11 background (centered,tiled,stretched..) with user settable background color
  • fullscreen viewing with a great statusbar
  • external "qiv-command" program support
  • screensaver mode
  • brightness/contrast/gamma correction
  • real transparency
  • maxpect (zoom to screen size while preserving aspect ratio)
  • scale_down (scale down to big images to fit screen size)
  • slideshow (with random order if you want)
  • filename filer
  • flip horizontal/vertical, rotate left/right
  • delete function (move to .qiv-trash/)
  • jump to image number x, jump forward/backward x images
  • exif autorotation
  • browse mode when launching from file manager
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check out: geeqie (a GTK based multiformat image viewer)

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