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How can I build an ncurses based menu? Are there any other solutions for building "menus" for use on the console? I just need an "inter-operating system" (all non-windows :P) solution. Are there any good solutions to build/create menus in perl?

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Would the program dialog be sufficient for your needs? It can do basic dialogs and even more complex stuff. Maybe you should look into it.

See http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/2807 for some further information.

Ofcourse, this wouldn't be a 100% perl solution.

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The answer is in your subject line already. That's what ncurses is for. I'm sure there are ncurses bindings for perl. For example there is a curses UI library for perl.

The NCURSES Programming HOWTO has perl examples.

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Ncurses isn't the right level for a menu interface, there's a wheel to reinvent above it. – Gilles Jun 28 '11 at 12:44

There is the CDK toolkit and perl bindings for it. there are also Python bindings if you are interested. This library provides some higher level "widgets" on top of ncurses.

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Same question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2907321/ncurses-and-perl-any-guides

For a good example of using curses with Perl, you might want to pick up a copy of Steven L Kunz's* perl menus'' package (menu.pl'') via anonymous FTP from ``ftp.iastate.edu''. It's in the directory /pub/perl as: menu.pl.v3.1.tar.Z

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