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I have just setup the basic stuff for vsftpd. I got that working fine with root use thats all. I have also stupidly installed something to the root user home directory which I would like another user to access can this be done and how?

So for example I have the root folder "/root/installedapp/plugins" and I want to create a user called pluginmod to only have access to that folder.

Can someone please and explain how this is possible?

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The topic of having user accessible things in /root came up on ServerFault recently in reference to a similar issue. You might find the discussions there useful. – Caleb Jun 25 '11 at 9:50

Run the following commands as root. First you need to add a new user.

# useradd -G ftp -b "/root/installedapp/plugins" pluginmod

Then set a password.

# passwd pluginmod

Then run chown to give ownership of the files to the user

# chown pluginmod "/root/installedapp/plugins/*"

After you restart vsftpd, you should be able to login to the user pluginmod over ftp with the password you set.

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This answer will hit several gotchas, including any interaction between root and the pluginmod user will constantly create permission conflicts. Also it's a really bad idea to keep user accessible stuff in /root, and that should be mentioned in any answers that don't suggest a better way to do this. – Caleb Jun 25 '11 at 9:10

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