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Is there a way to turn on line numbering for nano?

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The only thing coming close to what you want is option to display your current cursor position. You activate it by using --const (manpage: Constantly show the cursor position) option or by pressing AltC on an open text file.

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Good answer. The --const argument is the same as -c. Use it to open the file like this: nano -c filename . Also, to make it permanent, include the 'set const' option in your ~/.nanorc file, which may not exist until you create it. – MountainX Feb 2 '12 at 2:24

Nano is by design a very simple editor with few features. If you start wishing for anything beyond basic edition, nano isn't the right tool. Emacs is a very powerful editor; to switch line numbers on, type M-x linum-mode. If Emacs scares you and you want a text mode editor, consider Joe, where line numbers are switched on with the -linums option.

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Not in the main Nano, so I wrote a fork that includes it. To enable it just put "set linenumbers" (or "set hexlinenumbers" for hex) in your .nanorc https://github.com/faissaloo/l-nano
Example of line numbering

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