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I am trying to install CentOS 4.7. When I get on to the mirror site, it offers me different binaries, bin1of5, bin2of5,bin3of5, etc. I just want the basic version. Which one should I download?

Thank you.

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Which mirror site are you on? Out of the handful of mirrors I tried many of them only have 4.8. Is there a reason you have to use 4.7 or could you use a much more recent version? – Wilshire Jun 23 '11 at 17:45
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If you want to the ISOs, you can download them using torrent:

You can always find older versions on http://vault.centos.org if you need to.

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Download bin1of5, if it is like later releases, you can install a minimal system from that. You have to deselect all package-groups (including "Base") during the initial stage of installation. After booting the new system, you can install any required package-groups from the Internet repositories using yum groupinstall package-group-name.

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I've been able to get away with the first three CDs/images. But agreed on the comments above about looking at a newer version. Support for the CentOS 4.x series ends in 2/2010.

NOTICE: Support for CentOS 4 ends on Feb 29th, 2012

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