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The following awk script shows how a leading space ' ' is ignored as a field separator, but other characters are treated as a separator with a preceding null $1 field.

Is there some way to make this behaviour consistent for all values of the field separator?

echo -e " Data\tdlm\t\$1\t\$2\t\$3"  
for d in '^' ':' '"' 'x' '/' ' ' ;do
  echo "${d}1${d}2${d}" |awk -F"$d" '
       { printf "|%s|\t|%s|\t|%s|\t|%s|\t|%s|\n", $0, FS, $1, $2, $3; }'

The output:

 Data   dlm     $1      $2      $3
|^1^2^| |^|     ||      |1|     |2|
|:1:2:| |:|     ||      |1|     |2|
|"1"2"| |"|     ||      |1|     |2|
|x1x2x| |x|     ||      |1|     |2|
|/1/2/| |/|     ||      |1|     |2|
| 1 2 | | |     |1|     |2|     ||
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Set FS to be a regexp, FS = "[ \t]+" (which is 'whitespace'), and it will no longer strip leading and trailing spaces. awk only strips leading and trailing whitespace when FS=" ".

I don't think it's possible to tell awk not to do it, when FS=" ".

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It works with `awk -F"[ ]" so that gets me most of the way there.. and I at least understand what's going on now.. thanks.. So it seems to be the same story as for any regex: beware of the stray regex special chars... (+1) I'll wait a time before accepting the answer, as perhaps(?) there is a non-regex way to disable the stripping .. IFS has no effect in awk. – Peter.O Jun 20 '11 at 18:27
It's looking pretty definite: Using Regular Expressions to Separate Fields... Thanks – Peter.O Jun 20 '11 at 18:55
It's even specified this way by POSIX: “If FS is <space>, skip leading and trailing <blank>s; fields shall be delimited by sets of one or more <blank>s” [otherwise behave intuitively]. – Gilles Jun 20 '11 at 21:42

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