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Are there any (not a resource hog) solutions to have statistics about the traffic on an OpenWrt router? :O e.g.: traffic per IP address, monthly statistics, etc. :O

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To monitor traffic and other information about my OpenWrt router I use munin. I detail my experience in my posting on Monitoring with Munin. It doesn't specifically address traffic by IP address, which a tool like ntop might be better suited for.

The firewall can be configured to gather such accounting data, but you would need to extract and summarize it. I use shorewall-lite to build my firewall rules. I haven't posted on my experiences yet.

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Traffic reporting on OpenWRT is not much different than on other Linux platforms. You can use a shell to look at the interface statistics or use one of the several reporting / monitoring packages.

Personally I use collected to gather some data from my OpenWRT routers and build graphs on another machine along with some other relevant data.

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Just trying collectd

I'm following this neat article, and it is great

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