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I need to change the way a few hundred Perl modules end. Currently they end as


However I need to modify this so that they all have this on their last few lines.

# ABSTRACT: table definition

Of course I'm sure I could do this with Perl probably using PPI, but it also seems that I might just be able to sed or awk the end of these files. Can anyone provide any suggestions as to how this might be accomplished?

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This is actually quite conveniently done with GNU sed, thanks to the combination of $ to act on the last line and -i to modify files in place. This assumes that the 1; is on the very last line, otherwise it would be a lot more complicated.

sed -i -e '$s/^1;$/BEGIN {\
    # VERSION\
# ABSTRACT: table definition/' *.pm

With Perl, since the files are small, just load them fully in memory. This way it's easy to be more flexible, e.g. allow spaces and comments and __DATA__ after 1; (allowing POD is left as an exercise to the reader).

perl -0777 -pe 's/\n\s*1\s*;(?=(?:\s*(?:#.*)?\n)*(?:\s*__(?:DATA|END)__\b)?\Z)/\nBEGIN…definition/' *.pm
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