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While trying to install Amahi and Fedora 14 from 5 discs, I get this error: enter image description here

It says:

A fatal error occurred when installing the module-init-tools package. This could indicate errors when reading installation media. Installation cannot continue.

When prompted, I opted to install the Fedora repository, the Fedora Updates repo, and added an Amahi repo. I didn't select the Fedora Test Updates repo.

The checksums of the downloaded files are correct, and the media test approved all 5 of my CDs. What else could be the problem?

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Have you tried installing without using any on-line repositories, just the CDs? Maybe its failing to download a package for some reason. Install from just the local media, then use yum to update afterwards.

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The repositories were it. I selected only the install repo and the Amahi repo and it worked. Still curious as to why though.... – John Jun 17 '11 at 23:19
And yes, I said in my question: the media test approved all 5 of my CDs – John Jun 19 '11 at 0:15

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