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Can someone tell me if there is an way to notify all online (Desktop) users from command-line.

I know that if I want that I get notifyed when something is done, I just do like this:

sudo apt-get update | notify-send "apt-get update" "update finished"

What shoul I use for notify all users (or some specific user)?

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You can try wall. On my KDE machine, a small panel pops up with the message sent with wall. Of course, the message also appears in all terminals, but maybe your users do not have a terminal open. Example:

echo "It is 9 o'clock and all is well." | wall
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wall -- send a message to everybodys terminal. I tryed it and it only send messages to terminal... on my desktop doesn't apear any message... Maybe CentOS work in a different way? – Wolfy Jun 15 '11 at 6:28
Interesting that KDE catches those, but Gnome doesn't seem to, nor do other more basic window managers. However, there is almost always a notification API of some kind, the question is how to reliable access it across all users! – Caleb Jun 15 '11 at 11:10

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