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How can I convert the first character of each word in the line after gr-description: to uppercase?

For example :

$ cat /tmp/test1

Output should be


I tried the command below command but I am unable to merge

sed -n '/gr-description:/{n;p;}' grp1 | sed 's/\<./\u&/g'
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You appear to be using GNU sed or another version with the \u extension, so you can do this:

sed -e '/gr-description/{n;s/\b./\u&/g;}' < test1

This matches lines containing gr-description, and then runs everything in the {} at that point. n goes to the next line, printing the one we just matched, and then the s command replaces all characters that follow a word boundary (\b or \<) with their upper-cased version (\u&).

This does it all in one go, without piping one sed into another, which wouldn't do what you wanted - you were only getting the one line out, rather than editing the stream as you go.

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Thanks Terdon. Thank you very much Michael for the solution. – Daya Aug 8 '14 at 9:09

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