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I’ve setup a Virtual CentOS machine and set up a bridged network and static IP so that it can communicate with other Windows machines in the network.

Currently, to access any shared directory, I navigate using the GUI. These are the steps I follow:

  1. Click on Places > and click on Network Servers. This opens the Nautilus Manager to show network servers. (screenshot below)
  2. Then I double click on windows network. This shows me all the available domains in the network.
  3. I double click the required domain which chows me all the machines under that domain.
  4. I double click the machine which prompts for authentication. (screenshot below screenshot =))
  5. After filling up the required details, clicking connect shows me all the shared folders in that machine.

Now I’d like to access this shared location from terminal; so that I can use ‘cd’ command or something like that (maybe 'ls') to navigate through the folders or see the files in the windows share directory. How do I do this?

Network Servers in Nautilus

Authentication Information

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If you want to do that, you have to mount the desired share to a local directory. For example, if your shared folder is \\\My-Shared-Folder, then execute

mount -t smbfs -o username=name,password=password // /mnt/smbshare

And remember, you have to first create the directory where the share will be mounted (in the example above, /mnt/share).

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