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I am working on an old CentOs 5 machine. I am using Firefox as a browser. It worked fine until now, when every time I try to open a pdf or to attach something to the emails, it crashes. I tried to follow some guides online, and renaming the mimeTypes.rdf to mimeTypes.rdf.old in the .mozilla but no luck.

Any suggestions please? It is frustrating to surf with such limitations.

EDIT: I have updated to the latest Firefox version available for CentOs5, following this link (the link is for FF 24 but I have used it to update to firefox-24.7.0-1.el7.centos.x86_64), but the issues are still there.

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Which version of firefox are you using? latest? –  mdpc Aug 4 at 3:21
What was the last thing you did just before the problem appeared? You think it might happen because of some new setup / recent change you did before the problem began? –  jim Aug 4 at 3:23
the version is 24.7.0. I do not remember what I did just before the problem appeared, as far as I remember I have not done anything special. –  Py-ser Aug 4 at 3:42

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