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I'm getting strange errors when I try to compile Python 3.2 on NetBSD 5.1:

python ./Objects/typeslots.py < ./Include/typeslots.h > ./Objects/typeslots.inc
python: not found
*** Error code 127

What am I doing wrong?

I'm trying to compile Python in the usual fashion:

make install
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For some reason, you have to touch some files during the make process. When make quits with this Error 127, run:

touch ./Include/typeslots.h
touch ./Objects/type
touch ./Objects/typeslots.py

Inside of the Python source directory.

It will complain a second time:

./Python/makeopcodetargets.py ./Python/opcode_targets.h
env: python: No such file or directory

Again, just touch the offending files and run make again.

touch ./Python/makeopcodetargets.py
touch ./Python/opcode_targets.h
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It's now (since May 2012) in pkgsrc -- lang/python32

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