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I recently set up a PPA on Launchpad for distributing my web application. Since it's a server-app, I need to put my data into /var/www/html which apparently is not wanted by Lintian ("dir-or-file-in-var-www").

So far, I accomplish the task via a postinst script, which copies the files after installation, but there has to be a more elegant way, isn't there?

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There is not a more elegant solution. A postinstall-script is allowed under certain conditions, and your package seems to satisfy these conditions. From https://lintian.debian.org/tags/dir-or-file-in-var-www.html:

As an exception, packages are permitted to create the /var/www directory due to its past history as the default document root, but should at most copy over a default file in postinst for a new install. In this case, please add a Lintian override.

Please consult the rest of https://lintian.debian.org/tags/dir-or-file-in-var-www.html as well.

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Thank you. For anyone else wondering: In my .install-file I move the data to /usr/share, with the postinst-script I determine the DocumentRoot via "docRoot=$(grep -i 'DocumentRoot' /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf)" and then I move the data from /usr/share to docRoot – paranerd Jul 24 '14 at 15:05

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