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I am trying to install a 3rd-party RPM package on RHEL5 which depends on version 3.4 of sqlite. According to Yum I already have 3.3.6 installed.

Is there a way to list the installed packages that depend on sqlite 3.3.6?

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The rpm option you want is:

rpm -q --whatrequires sqlite
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you're missing an 's' at the end of --whatrequire – Andre Holzner Jun 24 '11 at 20:51
whoops, you're right. fixed! – Wes Hardaker Jun 25 '11 at 13:09

You could also try this command out.

repoquery --whatrequires sqlite

I got this command from ServerFault and also from The Fedora Forums.

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I think what you really want to know is "what are the packages which require sqlite-3.3.6, but won't be happy with sqlite-3.4.z" ... and the only good way of finding that out, is to try it. Like:

echo | yum upgrade sqlite
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