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Is there an official place to file bugs for the package in which ifconfig can be found?

Do most major distributions have their own implementation of the library, or does the library come from one central location?

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some googling pointed no specific bugtracker this seems distro specific – vfbsilva Jul 17 '14 at 0:32

Hmmm.. try asking to developers

        Fred N. van Kempen, <waltje@uwalt.nl.mugnet.org>
        Alan Cox, <Alan.Cox@linux.org>
        Phil Blundell, <Philip.Blundell@pobox.com>
        Andi Kleen
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It´s the net-tools package:

A collection of programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution for the Linux operating system. Includes: arp, hostname, ifconfig, netstat, rarp, route, plipconfig, slattach, mii-tool and iptunnel and ipmaddr.

You could take a look at their sourceforge page:


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