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What are the reasons that could make a change in a file ownership after scp'ing it from one server to another?

The file ownership changed from 'owner' to 'apache'. I used scp -p . The user 'owner' exists on both servers and has the same UID.

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From man scp:

-p      Preserves modification times, access times, and modes from the
        original file.

You can see the -p option does not preserve ownership.

If you want to preserve file ownership, you can use rsync with -o and -g, which will preserve owner and group. This requires you to run rsync as root.

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When you scp, the ownership comes from the user you use to scp to the other machine. For example:-


The ownership of FILENAME at the host HOSTNAME after scp will be USER as owner and primary group of USER as its group ownership.

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