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I would like to setup sudoers to grant users to mount all kind of network shares and loop devices to their home directory.

Here is a try that I found and changed a bit on one old post in unix.stackexchange.com:

Cmnd_Alias       MOUNTING = "/bin/mount -t nfs,smbfs,cifs  //* $HOME", "/bin/mount -o loop * $HOME", "/bin/umount $HOME"
Cmnd_Alias       SYSTEMDIAG = "/bin/dmesg"   # Yeah, I also would like to do this
%users           localhost = NOPASSWD: MOUNTING, SYSTEMDIAG

I would like to be sure this is fine before attempting it.

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Line 1: Mounts Types: NetworkFileSystem, SambaFileSystems, and CommonInternetFileSystems on All Shared Paths to the Users Home Directory, Along with: Mount All Devices as a loop, Along with Unmounting, all Saved in the Array MOUNTING.

Line 2: Prints the kernel dump from the last successful boot, saved in the Array SYSTEMDIAG.

Line 3: If the User is logged in from a computer with the name localhost, he will not be asked for a password when executing commands in either Array.

Looks fine to me, unless your computer name is not localhost. Make sure to use visudo

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