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vifm looks like a good file manager, but it lacks documentation. Is there a manual or tips on how to use it? I'm looking for information on copying/moving a dir, creating a new empty file, editing a file, creating sym/hardlink, etc.

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There is some helpful documentation in /usr/local/share/vifm/vifm-help.txt and /usr/local/share/vifm/vifm.txt -- in addition to the man page.

The Arch wiki also has a Vifm page with some tips on using it.

Essentially, as the name suggests, it is like using Vim for managing your files. Copy or move is yy or d and p. Edit is e.

As it is programmable, you could create a symlink with this in your .vifmrc

COMMAND=ln=!ln -s %d/%f %D

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:D good one, thx – LanceBaynes Jun 4 '11 at 11:31

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