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I was trying out Fedora 15 but couldn't figure out something: How do I share a folder?

When doing some Googling all I could find were forum posts on how to manually configure samba with smb.conf (a place I refuse to go, it's 2011, people), and gnome-user-share which only shares ~/Public and doesn't show up on my Windows computer.

I do know that at least in Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome 2 all I had to do was right click on a folder and click Sharing. I'm looking for similar ease of use in Fedora.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Last time I checked, Nautilus supported Samba share management out of the box, but I've yet to try GNOME 3 so that might have changed.

At any rate, I find the system-config-samba tool to be the easiest way to manage Samba shares. To install it, run the following command on a terminal (as root):

yum install system-config-samba

Then, locate Samba Configuration in whatever it is GNOME 3 calls an application menu or run gksu system-config-samba on a terminal or by pressing ALT+F2. From there you can create file shares, manage Samba user accounts, and configure the server easily.

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