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I have my Dell R310 server to install CentOS latest version, it has 2 hot plug disk drive, about 250GB of each. - But i need to install RAID1 on it.

My question is for RAID1 installation with CentOS is there any special ISO? Or i can use the regular one? Anyone can recommend some working document/screenshot/video links, for RAID1 installation only (i do not want to go with RAID0 or RAID5 etc tutorial, makes more confuse, i decided to only use RAID1 and learn from it)?

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No, There is no special ISO for that, its the same one. If you have Hardware RAID use it to make one drive and follow by booting as regular CentOS installation.

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"If you have Hardware RAID use it to make one drive" could you explain what does mean "use it to make one drive". Should i do it with special util or just using special bios settings? Thx – Pasha Rumkin Mar 21 '12 at 10:04
The RAID controller usually has its own BIOS that you can get into on bootup. If that's what you mean by "special bios settings" then yes, you don't need a special utility (if by that you mean something you run within an OS.) – Kev Jul 2 '13 at 21:52

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