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I have a lot of files named like:


Everyday I have several log files and I want to download specified day's log files:

$ rsync server:/var/log/foo/2014-07-06-*.log .

BUt I got zsh: no matches found error.

I found in the manual that I can filter by extension, but I couldn't find how to filter file name in case like this.

Is there easy way to use filtering with rsync?

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You need to escape the special characters, e.g.

$ rsync server:/var/log/foo/2014-07-06-\*.log .


$ rsync 'server:/var/log/foo/2014-07-06-*.log' .

Or better, install url-quote-magic, e.g.

autoload -Uz url-quote-magic
zle -N self-insert url-quote-magic
zstyle ':urlglobber' url-other-schema http https ftp mailto

so that zsh will automatically do this for you. You may want to add other URL schemes...

EDIT: Alternatively, you can unsetopt NOMATCH, so that an error falls back to POSIX shell behavior, but I would discourage you to do that, because it could lead to unexpected results in some cases.

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Another way:

$ noglob rsync server:/var/log/foo/2014-07-06-*.log .

From zsh man page:

noglob   Filename  generation  (globbing)  is not performed on any of the
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