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rdesktop and xfreerdp are both linux clients for RDP.

However from their respective websites it is not clear what advantages/drawbacks of using one over other are there.

I found one post, which indicated that xfreerdp has more features than rdesktop.

  • But what are these extra features?
  • How is the performance (or responsiveness) and clipboard support in both of them?

I am looking forward to use a RDP client (on Linux Mint 17) to connect to few Windows computers (Win 7 and 8) and linux servers running xrdp.

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Best RDP client I've found so far is KRDC –  Creek Jul 1 '14 at 2:00
In my case xfreerdp allowed me to use both microphone and headphones, while with rdesktop I couldn't manage to get the microphone working in XP. –  YoMismo Jan 30 at 9:04

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