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I'm currently in an environment with two wireless networks: OrganizationFoo, which is present pretty much everywhere I go, and OrganizationFooSubset, which is only present in a certain location.

When possible, I'd like to connect to OrganizationFooSubset because it's a faster, more reliable network. If this is out of range, I'd like to connect to OrganizationFoo.

Network connections dialog

How can I configure this from within Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon (64-bit)?

I've found the network connections configuration dialog, but there are no "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons, and drag-and-drop has no effect. In the actual /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ directory, each connection gets its own file, and I don't see a master list where I could reorder them.


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It seems that this has been a common request for at least the last five years, but progress is slow.

You could always ditch Network Manager and manually control your Wi-Fi network by configuring wpa_supplicant to priorotise your network. Details here, but it seems a lot of work. It would also mean manually scanning for and configuring each new network you come across.

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You could untick the automatic connection option under the 'General' tab of OrganizationFoo, so it would only automatically connect to other Networks including OrganizationFooSubSet - the problem here is that it won't connect to OrganizationFoo automatically when it is available, you will have to do that manually.


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