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I have a Windows machine (W7.Ultimate) with a shared HP LaserJet CP1215. I have set this up via SAMBA as a shared printer on my laptop, running Fedora Core 15, using Foomatic/foo2hp.

My problem (which has only started happening in the last month or so; clearly I changed something) is that every print job sent to the printer comes out as 3 copies. Print a 7-page document? Get 21 pages, 3 copies of each page, as Page 1 x3, Page 2 x3, etc..

I have checked every setting under Printer Configuration in KDE, gone through the CUPS setup and checked every setting there, and also checked the settings on the Windows machine. Everywhere I've looked, it says "1 copy" as the default. This issue does not happen if I print from the desktop machine where the printer is attached, and does not happen when printing from my wife's Windows laptop. It seems to be localized to my machine only.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this issue would be appreciated.

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