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I am trying to build a 3.12 Linux Kernel and I see some of the options (sub menus) are hidden and their branch (menu entry) is disabled in make menuconfig. [---- instead of being --->]

I know it is because of my system profile or their dependencies but I want to view all of them.

What helped in the previous kernels was a key-shortcut, (like Ctrl+H in file manager) that shows every option and menu. What is that shortcut?

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Looking through the Wikipedia page for menuconfig I do not see a similar option. There's a bullet within that page that states the following:

The help information is distributed throughout the kernel source tree in the various files called Kconfig.

So one could use grep to search for whatever you wanted through these files. You can also use ? within menuconfig to summon the help on a given topic too. The key your lookinig for to show hidden menus and submenus appears to be z.

There's also this keyboard shortcut table included in the topic:

                ss #1


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