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I know this sounds complicated, but how can I pull this off? So, basically after installing Ubuntu 14.04, it might have done some BIOS MOD or something because my PC lost the ability to boot from CD/DVD. So, in this case, I have manually tweaked GRUB2's settings to make it show up when I start the PC (I know, I could have just held shift.) So, what I want to do is Install Plop Boot Manager and make it an option when you go into the GRUB2 menu, then be able to install Windows 7, and if possible not overwrite GRUB2, and in case it does overwrite GRUB2, I'd need instructions on how to get GRUB2 back. (My best idea is installing to a Virtual Hard Disk and making it bootable on the real machine, would that overwrite the boot loader?) Okay, now that I told you all I wanna do, I'm gonna post my grub2.cfg and my 40_custom right here in this sentance.

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