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I have a machine running SELES 10 with dual NIC Both the NICs are on separate subnets. The server uses a DHCP.

So when one interface, eth0, gets the IP from DHCP and registers with DNS and then the other interface, eth1, gets an IP and registers with the DNS, it overwrites the DNS record.


  • Is there a way I can keep both records in the DNS and be able to use the interfaces separately?
  • I've come across an article titled: 14.3. Configuring a DHCP Client, has anyone used the option DHCP_hostname where you can tie the interface to the hostname for the first eth0 and eth1 can be anything else?
  • Has any one tested that?
  • According to the article it would appear that it's possible, does that sound correct?

NOTE: The article mentioned above is for Red Hat based distros if that matters.

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