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My imagine network (using marionnet) looks like that:

m2[eth0] [eth1]

I can ping from any machine to another. Now I want to:

  1. run telnet on m1.
  2. run ssh on m3.
  3. connect from m3 to m1 using telnet.
  4. start capturing packets and writing to the file from m2 using tcpdumy.
  5. make a few commands on m1 through telnet session.
  6. stop capturing packets
  7. disconnect telnet session
  8. stop telnet server on m1
  9. start capturing packets on m2, but this time writing to other file.
  10. connect from m1 to m3 using ssh
  11. make a few commands.
  12. stop capturing packets

But I stayed at the beginning. What I've done:

on m1:

$ xinetd start
$ nmap
All ports are closed

on m2:

$ dropbear start
$ telnet

Which results in this message:

unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

$ nmap
All ports are closed
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