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I just installed QT 4.7.3 in OpenSuse 11.2 (which has 4.5.3). I ran configure, gmake, and gmake install, but when I check qmake's version, it's still returning 4.5.3.

What should I do?

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Guess: the new version was installed in /usr/local (in particular, it installed /usr/local/bin/qmake), since you didn't specify a location. (/usr/local is probably the right place.) The distribution-provided qmake is in /usr/bin/qmake. Your running shell has cached the information that qmake is /usr/bin/qmake. Run hash qmake to make it refresh its cache. A new shell instance will find /usr/local/bin/qmake, as long as /usr/local/bin is ahead of /usr/bin in the $PATH (which it should be).

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4.7.3's qmake gets installed at /usr/loca/Trolltech/Qt-4.7.3/bin ... I tried running "hash qmake" but still returns the old version. How do I point it to the new qt version? – Owen May 23 '11 at 3:30

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