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I'm looking for a new work laptop for development work on linux, and after testing way too many distros, I pretty much does not want to ever use anything other than Xubuntu or possibly some other Debian/Ubuntu based Xfce setup.

What worries me is that most of the recent laptops with Haswell processors I have looked at also supports extremely high resolution, which would require the desktop to use higher DPI settings (HiDPI) in order to be usable.

Thus I was wondering, what is the status for HiDPI support in Xfce?

(I have found some sources claiming the support is not good at the moment, but I didn't find any info on whether it is being worked on or not!)

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XFCE has some support for HiDPI - you can change the setting across all monitors for HiDPI, but it doesn't vary between different screens in the way that it does on a Retina MacBook Pro.

I'm using XFCE and Arch Linux on a Lenovo W540 with the high DPI display. Apart from Chrome not supporting HiDPI, things work well.

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