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I know this is not a tech support forum, but I am not etting an answer from alsa people and have tried much, if not everything.

I can upload the alsa-info output if needed, but here is the info probably most relevant. Two codecs (one HDA, one NVIDIA HDMI)

Codec: IDT 92HD73C1X5
Codec: Nvidia MCP79/7A HDMI
Driver version:     1.0.23
Library version:
Utilities version:

I have tried setting all models supported for this codec (variants of the chip) in modprobe.conf, but only the one with auto gives sound, but only 4.0 output through the stereo jacks. It seems alsa is unable to switch the third (which is Mic/Line in) to output an additional 2 channels.

I noticed tons of other Codecs here with 3 jack output, but these are probably desktop chips.

What should I do? Install a dev version of alsa? Pester the extremely quiet mailing list? Is there some hack/workaround I'm missing?

Thanks for any help, I really need this if I'm to switch to Arch as my main OS.

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