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I have two Hadoop processes (with web UI interface) running on a CentOS 5.3 machine inside a VirtualBox. I cannot access both interfaces from my host machine via port forwarding. Either first or second is not working and I cannot make both of them work concurrently.

Both processes are configured via guest hostname - master. One web UI I can access via master:8088 or guest machine IP - but the second one I can access only via loacalhost:50070

I can make it work by modifying machine's /etc/hosts file:  localhost master

But obviously the second one stops working.

I have several questions:

  1. Is there a way how to make both working?
  2. Is it possible to find a network interface the process is bind to?
  3. What is the relation between hostname and network interface?
  4. Is it automatic that when I access on a guest machine master:8088 it gets translated to To me it seems that I have to have a host entry which maps those two together. Am I right? (I do not consider DHCP).

I tried to use ifconfig & netstat commands but that doesn't answer my questions so it would be great to clarify those.

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What you could do is to create a second network card for your linux machine so you can assign the processes each to a dedicated card. Then set both interfaces to bridged mode in virtualbox and assign them fixed LAN addresses in Linux.

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