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I recently have been trying out Arch Linux. It seems that their autofs has a usability bug, although I confess that I'm new enough to Arch that I may be missing something horribly obvious.

I want autofs to automagically mount hosts under /net like it has always done. Traditionally it used /etc/auto.net to accomplish this, however it seems that they've done away with this and now you simply use the following line:

/net -hosts --timeout=60

Fine and dandy, most things seem to work. However, under Arch it seems that ghosting is enabled by default. This is a bad thing, because it uses my hosts file which only contains aliases of my local host (which is NOT running an NFS server, mind you). As a result, I get all kinds of errors about being unable to mount these hosts every time I run an ls in /net.

Notice: I'm not using --ghost, and yet it enables it by default. Arch confirms this on their wiki. This is extremely annoying, how do I disable ghosting? Google has failed me horribly, any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

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Edit /etc/conf.d/autofs and change or add the following


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