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I happened upon an unopened Logitech G502 programmable gaming mouse. I would like to program buttons to do things like write commonly used lines in programs (which I know is possible in Windows; my college roommate did it earlier this year). The problem is, the device is meant to be programmed by software designed explicitly for Windows. The website download page only offers versions for different versions of Windows.

A quick Google search yields nothing useful. Does anyone know if there is Linux/Unix software available for programming the mouse? I am using Fedora 20, but knowledge of any software for this mouse which will run on a Linux OS would be useful. The mouse's defaults work when simply plugged in (scroll, clicking/moving pointer, and page fwd/bkwd).

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Shortly after asking this, I found the site below (wont let me link), which is written for a debian distro, but the concepts worked for Fedora!


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