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I was running Fedora-20 off a USB stick with persistent storage till I stupidly ignored a warning & filled up the persistent image.

Now boot fails, because it cannot mount the root filesystem & it falls to a Dracut emergency shell.

With a bit more debug I find that 'dmsetup status' says:

live-rw ......snapshot Invalid

How do I fix this? Ideas?

Online I found another thread here: that describes this problem but I cannot find both files it mentions i.e. /path/to/overlay may be /mnt/live/LiveOS/overlay-devicename-discUUID or /media/devicename/LiveOS/overlay-devicename-discUUID for an attached device.

So what file do I try doing this on:

# echo $'\x01' | dd of=/path/to/overlay-file bs=1 count=1 seek=4 conv=notrunc


A far more technical description of the problem is on this thread

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