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I am having problems with simple scripting, my Box is CentOS so bash is the default shell, now I wanted to send a line via setenv (tcsh) and would like to make a script that will ask me to input a string to setenv every time I login.

By the way I am using teraterm logging in.

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setenv belongs to (t)csh, not to bash which is the default shell in CentOS. Use export instead. Ref : bash setenv command is not found

Then considering you would input MY_VARIABLE=MYVALUE

echo -n "Enter the env string"
read env
echo export "$env" >> $HOME/.bash_profile
. $HOME/.bash_profile

Edit : I have modified my code as the previous one would not really export env to all bash shell considering. This one will but the variable in the bash_profile file which is executed each time a bash is opened.

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Thank you will try this now – tibay May 30 '14 at 4:04
Consider revising my post, I modified the code for a more efficient one. – Jean-François Savard May 30 '14 at 13:42

I have tested it and I think my program needed the setenv

So what I need now is to set my shell to tcsh and then ask for the setenv.

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