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I'm trying to figure out the structure better of a Arch Linux package repository mirror. There's several folders which are pretty easy to understand, such as community, core, extra, multilib, iso, kde-unstable, gnome-unstable, etc.

But there are some others also that are slightly more confusing, such as pool, project, etc.

For example, this is the structure of the mirror http://mirror.gnomus.de/


Is there a linux mirror tradition I'm missing here, or is this structure unique to Arch? Also, what do the less obvious folders mean? From what I can gather, it seems as though the pool folder contains all of the packages, while the rest categorize them, but I'm not sure if this is right.

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Why the downvote? This is a legitimate question. – jasonwryan May 30 '14 at 2:00
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I've never maintained Arch Linux mirror so the following is just my understanding of how they works.

Mirror structure (mandatory items):

  • pool/ -- that's where all packages actually resides and all other repositories contains symlinks to them. So maintainers can move packages between repositories and only remove one symlink and add another.

  • core/, extra/, community/, multilib/ -- stable repositories.

  • testing/, community-testing/, multilib-testing/ -- testing repositories.

  • staging/, community-staging/, multilib-staging/ -- staging repositories, used only by developers. When they pushing big rebuilds (like python 2->3 transition or something) they rebuild it here and then push to testing (so they do not spread breakage to testing).

  • iso/ -- ISO-images.

  • lastsync, lastupdate -- mirror syncronization timestamps.

Also they may contains other elements like:

  • project/ -- ftpsync log. Can be found on Tier-2 and 3 mirrors.

  • source/ -- package tarballs.

  • other/ -- some Arch-related things. Project sources, patches, archlinux-keyring etc.

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Good answer, thank you very much. – josh Jun 3 '14 at 0:30

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