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I've added a new man page directory


which contains files like e.g.


In /etc/man.conf I added

_subdir ...some names... man1b
_default /usr/{share,X11R7,X11R6,pkg,local,local/share}/man/
local /usr/local/share/man/
1b {cat,man}1b

man -p prints


But if I input

man 1b troff

I get the error message

man: no entry for troff in the manual.

(I can't use man troff since groff is installed too with a man page elsewhere in cat1.)

How can I add the man path correctly?

PS: If I rename the file to troff.1 then man 1b troff works. But I thought that the category can also be the file name extension. Could it be a bug of NetBSD (file name troff.1b works in OpenBSD and Linux)?

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