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In the following command sequence,

 $ grep -E '^.{11,22}John' emplist 
 Operations John Thompson  PARTHawks        Cher           
 Sales      John Jacobs    FULLHawks        Davinder Singh 
 Finance    Dean Johnson   FULLVegans       Sandeep Jain   
 $ Name=John
 $ grep -E '^.{11,22}$Name' emplist 

I want the output of

grep -E '^.{11,22}$Name' emplist

to be the same as the output of

grep -E '^.{11,22}John' emplist 
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See the Bash Wiki on quoting... – jasonwryan May 26 '14 at 0:42

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grep -E "^.{11,22}$Name" emplist
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