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mount has an option --make-shared as described here. However, how do I find out if a particular mount point has been made shared?

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Linux exposes information about mounted filesystems in /proc/mounts. The sharing options are too recent to show up in that file, but they do show up in /proc/self/mountinfo¹. The documentation for this file is in filesystems/proc.txt in the kernel documentation. The file is generated by show_mountinfo in fs/namespace.c. A sample line looks like this:

42 18 98:0 / /mount_point rw shared:1 - ext3 /dev/sda1 rw,errors=continue

The format of the first 6 fields is fixed. Then come zero or more tagged fields, such as shared:GROUP, master:GROUP, propagate_from:GROUP or unbindable, indicating the mount's role in a peer group if any. The - introduces the filesystem-specific part, always composed of the filesystem type name, device name and filesystem-specific mount options.


</proc/self/mountinfo awk -vmount_point='/mount/point' '
$5 == mount_point {
    i = 7;
    while ($i != "-") {if ($i ~ /^shared:/) exit 0; ++i}
    exit 1;

¹ On recent enough Linux kernels, each process has its own filesystem namespace and /proc/mounts is a symbolic link to /proc/self/mounts.

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