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Suppose that I have a variable var in bash. I can assign a value to it. For example, I will make it a string:


I want to echo the name of var, not the value held by var. (I can do the latter with echo $var, but I actually want to do the former.)

The answer to this question from SO says to use echo ${!var}, but when I do that I echo just returns a blank line. For example, this bash script


echo "Hi"
echo ${!var}
echo "Bye"

returns this output:



with just a blank line between Hi and Bye, instead of var. What am I doing wrong?

I'm running bash 4.1.5(1) on Ubuntu 10.04.4.

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Err... just echo var? – Braiam May 12 '14 at 18:14
I don't really understand the point of this. As @Braiam points out, since you are defining the name of the variable in the first place you will always know it and always be able to print it. What are you actually trying to do? – terdon May 12 '14 at 18:15
I think you've missed the drift of the SO solution; try var=Test; Test=SO; echo ${!var} – iruvar May 12 '14 at 18:22
I don't get it too but it's what are you trying to do? echo '$var' – Renan Vicente May 12 '14 at 19:50
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The shell parameter expansion ${!name@} or ${!name*} could do the trick,

$ foo=bar
$ var_name=(${!foo@})
$ echo $var_name" = "$foo
foo = bar

Although feasible I can't imagine the utility of this ...

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Note that if foo is not defined but foobar is, you'll get foobar. Other alternatives: var_name=${-+foo} (or ${foo+foo}), var_name=$'foo', var_name=$"foo" :-) – Stéphane Chazelas May 12 '14 at 21:31

Here's an even shorter one:

echo \$var
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This should be the accepted solution. – David Poxon Dec 7 '15 at 0:22

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