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I typed a command to refactor my file from the current folder I was in to another folder.

What I wanted was: mv /var/backup /var/www/backup

However, I typed: mv /var/backup /var/www/

Now I can't seem to find my file anywhere! Is there a way I can recover it?

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Have you looked in /var/www? It should be there as long as the /var/www directory existed. If it did not, your file has been renamed to /var/www. – terdon May 11 '14 at 15:28

If some error happened, mv prints an error message and returns a non-zero status.

If mv didn't print anything then the move happened as you wrote it:

  • If /var/www did not exist, then you renamed /var/backup to /var/www.
  • If /var/www was an existing directory, then you moved /var/backup to /var/www/backup.

If neither of these happened, then either you typed a different command or you (or someone else) did something else to those files afterwards.

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