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I was learning to configure a Debian server and familiarising myself with the common command lines.

However, after executing the reboot command in SSH, my subsequent SSH connections were refused and I have total no access to the server.

I was able to ping the server. I attempted to reboot through the Google cloud interface too, however I was still unable to connect successfully.

Having this as a cloud server, I do not have any physical access to the server. The solution that I seem to see are to reconfigure the SSH settings which I can't without logging in.

What are the possible alternatives I have now or recreating a new instance is the only solution?

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be prepared for the fact that you might have to redo your server from scratch....baring any help that the google cloud server people may be able to provide you. – mdpc May 9 '14 at 1:08
@mdpc thanks for your reply. i am pretty much ready to redo the server. but my main concern is how can i avoid such problems in the future although reboot doesn't occur often but may be still required at times. – toffee.beanns May 9 '14 at 1:23

I think Google gives a quite a comprehensive list of solutions for troubleshooting SSH errors, please refer here.

IMO, you may have incorrectly set up SSH keys, or there are misconfigured iptables.

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hey delta24, thanks for your answer. I am still testing out the server, but seems like i got stucked at one part of the solution list you provided. I ran the command to add the ssh rule to the firewall and tried to do a netcat test to see the banner. However, nothing came out. There was no further instructions to which I could try out. Could you help me out? Appreciated! – toffee.beanns May 9 '14 at 13:48

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