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Dear all, Could you suggest a good base converter that also does "signed" conversions? Either gbase does not do it, or I can't see how it's done. Any help would be great. What I want to do is give the program an integer, say, -100, and I need to know the binary byte representation of it (in the example, 1 byte, first bit set to 1). I could possibly calculate this number by hand, but I got to do 1000s of them, and bigger than a single byte.

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There's probably something missing in your question: the binary representation of a negative number is just the binary representation of its opposite with a - tacked on at the beginning. Do you mean you want the unsigned representation modulo N? Please clarify your question. – Gilles May 6 '11 at 20:58
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According to the manpage, gbase has a parameter -s to enter signed numbers.

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