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I have Fedora 12 OS in my 32 bit Intel pentium D computer, 1GB RAM, inbuilt Intel corporation 82945G/GZ graphics. Till yesterday it was working fine..

When I started this morning my system is frozen at the login screen. But as I observed, after some experiments, in GUI mode - time and CPU usage - everything seems working. But keyboard and mouse are not responding. I am able to work on text mode.

However when I get into text mode: if I enter the command startx I am able to login to it but keyboard & mouse are not responding to anything. As I am a bit new to Linux, requesting you to help me out of this without formatting the HDD.

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Can you not migrated to a more current & supported Fedora? 12 has been end of lifed for several years now. –  slm Apr 30 '14 at 13:08

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