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Some guides on the internet suggest that it is possible to convert ISO disc image files (.iso) into an non-.iso image format (.img or .dmg) with hdiutil on OS X.

However, the manual page for hdiutil says that it basically only supports conversion into several UDIF formats.

Are images in the UDIF format bootable on non-Apple hardware? Wikipedia claims that UDIF, Universal Disc Image Format, is an Apple proprietary format, giving you the impression that it's not compatible with third-party hardware.

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Yes, it is!

Source: I just performed the instructions from the link referenced in another answer to a related question on my late 2013 MBP using the debian 7.7.0 amd64 DVD iso. Then I took the stick out, stuck it in my Windows gaming rig (no apple hardware what-so-ever), and it booted fine (and fast!).

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The problem here is that, when I converted my UDF ISO to UDRW - UDIF read/write image then copied it (dd style) to my USB, it still wasn't bootable. In fact, the file was exactly the same as the input ISO file, to the bit. I wonder if its possible that the debian ISO was in some kind of "isohybrid" format, and that this conversion is "not enough" for other UDF ISO files : superuser.com/q/1063220/39364 – rogerdpack Apr 8 at 23:41

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