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I'm looking for a way to automatically list all X resources that are used in an application. To give you an example, for xterm I'd expect a list similar to the following but with all the resources that are used by xterm.


The method can work on the source code of the application but if it is possible to do it with only the application binary that would also be interesting.

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You can explore the resources of an existing window with editres. That's an interactive program, which lets you browse the resource tree, and find the location of a widget in that tree by clicking on the widget in the application. You can even modify a resource if the application supports it. That, however, requires that the application supports the Editres protocol, which is not so common even amongst the dwindling proportion of applications that use X resources. Furthermore, the GUI editres client is the only application I know of that knows how to send Editres queries, so no command line listing.

You can see what resource settings are defined for a particular application with appres. The application might support other settings. That's different from xrdb -query which only list settings that the user has explicitly overloaded (appres also lists system defaults).

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