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My server executes third party software which processes user submitted files. I want to block outgoing connections from my process. How can I do it in FreeBSD?

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I tried using Java's -DsocksProxyHost and -DsocksProxyPort system properties to redirect traffic to unexisting proxy server. It worked on Linux but not on FreeBSD. Any ideas? – Tom May 5 '11 at 11:04
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I think you're looking for a jail. This is a restrictive environment in which processes have limited access to files, networks and system settings. The handbook explains how to set up a jail. You'll want to block the jail from networking altogether with the ipv4=disable ipv6=disable parameters to jail, or at least restrict connectivity to a few addresses with something like ipv4.addr=,

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You could run this process under separate account and block traffic by UID, see ipfw man page for uid option.

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